Robinson R22The Robinson R22 is the world’s most popular training helicopter. It is a two-place, piston engine powered helicopter that is widely used in Canada not only for flight training, but for commercial and private use.

Whether you are looking for recreational flying, or chasing your dreams of becoming a professional helicopter pilot, the R22 is the ideal helicopter.

Weight 1,370 lbs
Empty Weight Equipped (including oil) 855 lbs
Fuel (19.2 gal) 115 lbs
Optional Auxiliary Fuel (10.5 gal) 63 lbs
Passengers and Baggage w / stnd fuel 240 lbs
Lycoming O-320 Four-Cylinder, Air-Cooled
Derated to 131 horsepower at 2652 rpm
Maximum Airspeed (Vne) up to 118 mph (102 kts)
Cruise Airspeed @ 70% Power 110 mph (96 kts)
Maximum Range (no reserve) Over 200 miles
Maximum Range (w/aux fuel) Over 300 miles
Average Fuel Consumption 8 to 10 gph
Maximum Operating Altitude 14,000 feet