Bell 206B JetRanger

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The JetRanger is the safest single engine helicopter in the world. It is a five-place, turbine engine powered helicopter. The versatile 206 series is highly utilized throughout Canada and can found doing just about any job imaginable from fighting forest fires to saving lives.

Clients love the JetRanger. It is fast, comfortable, reliable and provides an unrivalled view. Students too, love the JetRanger. It’s exciting to fly and gives them an edge when looking for that first job.

Aircraft Specs
4 passengers, 1 pilot
Baggage Compartment
1 (aft of cabin 250 lbs max)
Cruise Speed
115 Mph
Rolls Royce / Allison 250-C20B
Useful Load Capacities
Maximum Gross Weight Internal Load
3200 Lb (1451.5 Kg)
Maximum Gross Weight External Load
3350 Lb (1519.5 Kg)
Maximum Hook Weight
1,500 Lbs
Baggage Compartment
16 cu ft, 250 Lb Max.
Cabin Loading (Back Seats)
40 cu ft, 75 lb/sq ft Max.
Jet A, 96.7 US Gallons
Avg Flight time full fuel
Approx 3 Hours

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