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Muller R22I was born on September 17, 1962 in Brazil and this year my mother divorced my father and had to work in 3 jobs to support my brother and me. Our education was provided by my grandparents.

I worked as messenger, electronic technician and auditor of quality. I was a tire repairman along with my brother for 10 years to be able to take care of my grandparents.

When they passed away, we founded Transmüller, a company specialized in tow truck for vehicles and cargo trucks. During the Collor administration (a period in Brazil when the Government didn’t allow people to withdrawn money from savings accounts), with the money lock in the bank, we lost almost the entire fleet of trucks that were financed and so, I decided to be a freelancer.

I never dreamed of being a helicopter or airplane pilot. One day I was doing a shipping with my truck in Sao Paulo and it was raining. As I was stuck in a huge congestion, I decided to put the tarp to protect the load from the approaching rain. At this point I heard a helicopter noise (which today I know it was a RH22 – Air Reporter) and I felt something in my heart that aroused my desire to be a helicopter pilot.

I finished the deliveries with the truck, but I spent all day thinking about look for a flight school and know more about the pilot course, or even make a sightseeing flight to feel the flight. As soon as I did it, my life changed.

I was living with my wife and my 6-year-old daughter in a small house of 430 sqft where I had born and lived with my grandparents. I had bought it from my aunts through a 25-year bank loan.

With my mind fixed on being a helicopter pilot and with 30 years old, I would have to start my life over again. Talking to my wife,Muller Super Puma she asked me how much would be the program and how much my truck would worth because I told her I would sell it and give the money to her. The program at the time was around CAD$ 40,000.00 to fly 110 hours and get a flight instructor licence and my truck was worth CAD$ 800.00. In her mind, it was impossible for me to be able to apply for the program. We argued but I decided to go ahead with my plan of being a pilot. She did not believe in my determination and we got separated for a while.

I sold my truck, gave the money to her and went by foot to the Amarais Aerodrome in Campinas, Sao Paulo, where I got the opportunity in a company named Fast Air Taxi and Pilot School (Fast Air Táxi Aéreo e Escola de Pilotagens). I worked as a cleaner in the hangar for 4.5 years accumulating flight hours as credit in order to complete my Private Helicopter Licence, Commercial Helicopter Licence and Instructor Helicopter Rating. For a while, I lived in a room in the back of the hangar and slept on the floor.

I became a flight instructor and started my career flying the RH22, accumulating 600 flight hours teaching the students at the school. I also flew the RH44, having 1200 hours doing sightseeing flights for Fast Air and executive flights.

I got my instrument rating and started the offshore operations in Rio de Janeiro, flying the Sikorsky SK-76 (1400 hours) and Super Puma AS 332-L2 (3000 hours). I graduated as a helicopter airline pilot flying the Super Puma.

On February 26, 2008, flying the Super Puma and at the height of my professional career, I suffered an accident at 81NM away from the shore and stayed for 2 hours in open sea where I practiced all my survive training. I emerged facing waves of 3-4 meter in height and then I was rescued.

Muller Agusta PowerI reborn. After 30 days I re-done all the exams and flight simulators at Eurocopter and returned to fly. I stayed in the company for another year flying other Super Puma helicopters until I decided to fly the Agusta Power to the CEO of Kopenhagen Chocolates where I stayed for 3 years.

The Super Puma AS 332-L2 are no longer manufactured because after my accident, there were other ones with fatalities in operations around the world.

With the serious political and economic situation that Brazil faces today and with 54 years old, I am seeking for an opportunity in the market. I decided to pursue other career opportunities and chose Canada to restart my life with all my heart. I am going to study English for 6 months in Vancouver and I am sure that I will make new friends and important contacts in the rotary-wing aviation.

I feel young and full of energy to start over.

I leave here my brief history of life.

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Keep the focus and spirit in the heart and move on!